Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Elements Blog Hop

I am doing another Blog Hop!!
This one is called Summer Elements Blog Hop, and it is being hosted by Rita from  Thank you Rita for giving us the opportunity to be creative.
For this hop you could do anything related to Summer.
So I have a beautiful green blouse and I made jewelry to match it.
I made the pendant, the bracelet and the earrings using SuperDuos, pearls and seed beads.
But I didn't stop here. I also made this bracelet for my daughter:
This bracelet I made using Fire Polished beads, pearls and seed beads.
The picture does not look as good as in person.

Please make sure to visit all the creations from the other artists.
Here is the link to where you can find the list:

Thank you again Rita for this opportunity!!


  1. Gorgeous jewelry , Jasvanti! I love that colour green and your designs and artistic flair are incredible! You need to post a picture wearing the green blouse with your new pieces.

  2. I love your beadwork.. Have a great summer :)

  3. Your your beadwork is wonderful! Happy summer!

  4. Jasvanti,You have quite an ability with seed beading! Wow! I especially like the bracelet you made for your daughter! Beautiful work & such even stitching in the green bracelet. :0 Have a wonderful summer!

  5. Fantastic work, I am always impressed by beadwork. Have a lovely summer.

  6. More wonderous and wonderful bead work. Just amazing!

  7. Gorgeous! Love the green used, it's a lovely summery shade!

  8. Very nicely done - I really like the texture those super duos give your piece.

  9. Wonderful work Jasvanti, your daughter's bracelet is my ♥favourite!

  10. Wow!!! Those are amazing!!! I especially love the Pendant!!! Wonderful job!!! Have a Blessed day!!!

  11. Hi Jasvanti :-)
    Green is one of my favorite colors. Not any green but specifically that exact lime green. I bet you look amazing with your blouse and jewelry. Such a pretty outfit really calls for a nice dinner out. The rivoli in the pendent is pretty darn sexy, I love the way the pendent turned out. Extremely beautiful set!!!

  12. Beautiful jewelry, Jasvanti! I started reading the Summer Blog Hop post, and just kept reading the rest of your blog, lol. Your posts and jewelry is intriguing - it is all so beautiful!

    Your green jewelry ensemble is exquisite, and must look so lovely with your blouse. I've never seen SuperDuos in jewelry before, and the ones in your beadwork, along with the pearls, are like summer flowers, blooming by the ocean. Art jewelry!

    I love to make jewelry for my daughters too. The bracelet you made your daughter is gorgeous! I imagine how stunning it must look in person, but even in a photo, it is beautiful too!

    I am just learning beadwork, and I'm very inspired by your work and your blog. The jewelry you make is amazing,Jasvanti. Thank you for celebrating summer with your lovely beadwoven art!


  13. Green is one of my favorite colors, along with purple! :) I too love your pendant, and the matching jewelry to go with it! The bracelet you made for your daughter is just divine.


  14. I am in love with those green beads. And what beautiful things you have made with them! Thank you for sharing.

  15. I really like the bracelet you made for your daughter. I admire your intricate work.