Sunday, December 16, 2018

Holiday Ornament Exchange and Swap Hop

I was invited to participate in a holiday ornament exchange by Karen Williams from Baublicious , it was such a nice surprise since I haven't done a challenge in a really long time and I had never made an ornament before!!
I was so excited to try something new. Now the problem, they are so many beautiful tutorial online, which one to choose, oh what a dilemma!!
Thank you Karen for inviting me to participate on your exchange, I had so much fun!

My exchange partner is Becky Clay, she is from Virginia and she told me she would like a beaded ornament, she was open to machine or hand embroidery ornament, I chose beaded ones.
I received her Ornament a few weeks ago.
The rule of the exchange is that the ornament has to be handmade by us.
I received the most beautiful ornament by Becky.

Here is my jolly Santa ornament, I can wear it as pendant as well as being an Ornament, hummm  two for one, I am just loving my Santa.

Here he is hanging on my tree!!

Now what I sent Becky:

I made an ornament cover from Spoilt Rotten Beads from YouTube, you can watch the tutorial HERE
the pattern is called Beaded Bauble with Superduo Beads, also Kite beads(I bought it Joann's).

I made one more:

This is a tutorial by Jill Wiseman also on YouTube, you can watch the tutorial HERE
It is called Pretty Posies Ornament, Jill uses Superduos, seed beads and glass pearls.

I filled my ornaments with little foam snow and red foam balls from Hobby Lobby.

Now to go to Karen's Blog to check out what all the other artists made for their ornaments.
This is Karen's blog :

Thank you again Karen for hosting an amazing Ornament exchange!!!
And also the little surprise I received in the mail!!
You are awesome!!


  1. Hi Jasvanti,
    I'm so glad that you had a fun time with this challenge, it has been a while since I participated in a challenge as well. The Jolly Santa you received from Becky is so pretty I love it. The beaded ornaments that you beaded and sent to Becky are beautiful. I've made the Pretty Posies one but I fully incased the glass ball with the posies. I hope your Holidays are good ones.

  2. Deciding what to make really can be the hardest part sometimes, can't it. So many wonderful choices. Your beaded ornaments are lovely - so festive.

    I am so glad you enjoyed the ornament exchange! - Karen