Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Color of Dreams Blog Hop

Those are the beads that Rita from generously sent the participants of this hop.

This is what Rita wanted us to do:

The Design Challenge:
Feel free to create in any way you wish, using your bead as inspiration for your colorway, theme, technique. You are welcome to use additional Color of Dreams beads in your design, as well as artisan beads and gems and anything you like. You are not limited to jewelry.

You may share a dream that has come true, one you are working on now, or one you hope for in the future. The one goal of the hop: we'll focus on our dreams as entirely possible, with the idea, "If we can dream it, we can achieve it." So, try creating "from the end" -- as if your dream has already come true -- using your jewelry design to do so.

This is the bead I received. It is so pretty.
Hum, this made me dream of the Island of Burano in Italy, I went there one summer and I had the best meal of my life.
Burano is a place I definitely want to go again.

I hope my dreams come true!!!

This is what my dreams called me to make.
A dutch spiral bracelet using the bead I got from Rita.
Thank you Rita for another opportunity to participate in one of your blog hops.
I know it has been a very difficult time for you, and I hope that everything is going well for your family.
This is Rita's blog and you can see what the other participants made here:

Friday, April 4, 2014


I signed-up for the BSBP once again, It was my first blog hop and I had so much fun last year, and then my partner from last BSBP Liz Engreser was sending me links to the blog hops that she thought would interest me, which I really appreciated. It got me involved in lots of great blog hops. Thanks Liz!!

This year's Bead Soup partner is Jana Haverty from :
And she sent me the soup above.
Wow, this soup is amazing. I am going to have lots of things to make.
Thank you Lori Anderson for this amazing Blog Hop.
Here is Lori's blog:
Come back on May 8th to see all the creations.