Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Steering Wheel Bead Board

I made these bead boards using steering wheel covers.
They are about 15" round.
I saw a tutorial on Facebook last year. I can't find it anymore, otherwise I would give credit to whom thought about this smart idea.
I will show you how I did these bead boards:

Those are 2 pizza trays taped together and they are 12" in size and I got mine at Dollar Tree. I taped them with duck tape.
 Next I cut batting the same size as the pizza trays.
I placed them over the pizza trays, one on each side of the trays.
I bought a very soft fabric from Joann's, covered the pizza tray with the fabric and I used a running stitch on the outside of the trays, so I sandwiched the pizza trays, the batting and the fabric.
This is the steering wheel cover, I got this one at Walmart for about $7 next I inserted the whole thing inside the rim.
I did not trim the fabric, since it was a little loose in the rim. If it is to loose you can add bubble wrap inside the circle and then place your trays.
I used the light color fabric with the dark cover and the dark fabric with the light color cover.
I hope you like my color options.

If by chance you know whose tutorial this is, let me know and I will give credit to her.

If you buy these bead boards for this size you will be paying about $120.
These covers does not cost more $20 each.
It is a fun project!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Diamond Dashing Cuff II

This the cuff I made for my friend Susan, I gave it to her and I realized I did not take any pictures.
So this is her wearing it.
I have the information on the pattern in my previous post.
The only difference from the first one is that I used rullas and you can see that the picot's on the edge are really nice.