Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hats of Challenge

This is the hat I liked, I love everything black and white.

So this what I created.
The bracelet is a pattern by the fabulous Ewa, the earrings are by Deborah Roberty and the Pendant I found the pattern on You Tube, I used the Super Duo beads.
I hope you like my creations.
You can find the link for the other participants
Thank you Bobbi for this challenge


  1. Oh lovely! Black and white are just gorgeous in your hands!!! Now that you have the perfect jewelry, are you going to get the hat?

  2. That's such a pretty pattern!

  3. Beautiful, and classic black & white ... lovely

  4. Lovely pieces! The black and white is definitely inspiring and you created beautifully!

  5. Hi Jasvanti, you made a wonderful 'translation' of the scarf with the bracelet! What a lovely pattern...

  6. I LOVE the black and white! Your patterns are so lovely -- they look like little flowers, which is very Derby-appropriate, too. Your work makes me want to grab my super duos and play! Thanks for taking part in the challenge -- and I corrected your link (sorry about that!)