Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Black and White Challenge

I love challenges!!
Here is another one, Black and White Challenge by Sally Russick from the Studio Sublime.
Thank you Sally for this wonderful challenge.
This is Sally"s Blog :
Please visit her blog
I absolutely love everything black and white.
My partner from the Bead Soup(my first Blog Hop) Liz E., knows how much I love black and white, so she e-mailed me the link for this challenge(thank you Liz).
My first bracelet is using tila and superduo beads. This a web inspiration.

This second bracelet is using white pearls, fire polished beads, seed beads and machine cut crystals. I love this pattern.
And finally the earrings: I used black and white superduos, seed beads and machine cut crystals.
Thank you again Sally for this wonderful challenge, and please visit all the other participants so you can see what their creations are.
Here is the link again to Sally's Blog :


  1. great stuff! And wasn't that a fun challenge?

  2. WOW!! Jasvanti, your beadwork in GORGEOUS!! Both pieces are wonderful and pull the black and white together beautifully. I can't stop staring that the earrings! How much you love black and white shows, you work so well with the two colors!

    Thank you for participating in the challenge!

  3. Your beaded bracelet is very elegant, but, oh my, I LOVE those earrings!!!! Gorgeous!!1

  4. Oh...I love, love, love those earrings!! In fact all the pieces are beautiful, but the earrings just really spoke to me. Great job!


  5. That bracelet is so darn pretty and classy! And those earrings are to die for! Beautiful!!!!

  6. I just love tilas and superduos because of the unusual patterns they form. You have really taken beautiful advantage of this in your wonderful designs. Success!

  7. Wow! Each piece is so beautiful! Usually, I have a favorite when there are multiple pieces shown, but in this case, they are ALL my favorites! Gorgeous work!

  8. Jasvanti, todas as suas criações são lindas, sobretudo a primeira pulseira. Tudo de bom para você, Ana

  9. Gorgeous pieces your bead work is awesome!

  10. Hi Jasvanti,
    Everything came out really great! The bracelet with the pearls is my favorite but the earrings are a super close second. Definitely black & white is a natural for you, elegant and fabulous :-)

  11. Oh, I'm with you - I too love anything black and white! Your bracelets are both just beautiful (how you seed beaders do what you do w/those tiny little beads I'll never know!) but I'm drooling over your earrings - those are super fabulous!!

  12. The bracelets are very pretty. The earrings are wonderful.