Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winter Blues Blue Goldstone Blog Hop

Liz E. from is hosting this wonderful blog hop.
Liz sent us Blue Goldstone beads for this hop and the beads  you see above are the ones I received. They are absolutely beautiful.
Thank you Liz for your generosity.
Liz and I, we were partners a few years ago on a bead soup blog hop.
We have been blog friends ever since.
Liz always lets me know about other blog hops. I really appreciate your friendship Liz.
Please visit  to see what the artists created.

With my beads I made a necklace, a bracelet an a pair of earrings.
I bought some 6mm blue golstone beads  for the necklace.

I also added some bead caps with Swarovski crystals.

The bracelet I used a Chinese crystal in between the little donuts and a spacer in between the beads.

This set looks absolutely stunning, I really love it. So much bling, but hey, what girl doesn't like bling?

Thank you again Liz for hosting this blog hop and please visit
to see what the other artists created.


  1. Hi Jasvanti,
    I love your set the silver really makes the blue gold stone sparkle. Stunning set.

  2. Nice work with your blue goldstone!! The bead caps are a really pretty touch on the necklace. As are the crystals in your bracelet. I never thought to add crystal - but it's just a perfect way to add more sparkle to these pretty stones!!

  3. Hi Jasvanti,
    I was so happy when you agreed to participate! What a great set. I love the focal on the necklace. Going from the large donut, to a smaller donut and then the bead is kind of like a beautiful sparkly waterfall, it flows perfectly. You really brought the dark and mysterious nature out in the goldstones by using dark beads on the inside of the small donuts. I would have never thought of that, and it works perfectly! The one word that I always think of when I look at your work is elegance. You have such an elegant sense of style. I hope we get to participate together in many more blog hops.

  4. Your set is so beautiful!!! It has great flow and just the right added details to the blue goldstones and is so wearable. And I Love that Dangle off the big donut! Gorgeous set!

  5. you really went to town with your blue goldstone! what a lovely collection that you will be able to wear with so many things!! The earrings are just so sweet, and the bracelet is wonderful for daytime or night! and that necklace is a perfect balance of bling. Well done!

  6. Those beads are stunning. Your whole set is so wearable and I really love the addition of crystals.

  7. I love that you embraced the sparkle, and blinged it up! It's a really eye-catching set, and I know you'll turn heads whenever you wear it. Nice!

  8. Beautiful way to showcase these beads. Just brilliant!

  9. Such an elegant set. I can imagine this looks even more beautiful when worn. Lovely :-)

  10. I don't have your e-mail and you are a no-reply, so I just wanted to say thank you for your comments about my donuts :-) It was fun Hopping with you!