Saturday, April 11, 2015

Butterfly Blog Hop

Pepita from Pepita Handmade, she lives in Slovenia,  is graciously hosting this blog hop.
So for this hop we are to create something, anything with butterflies. I have a passion for butterflies.
I would like to thank Pepita for hosting this blog and letting me participate.
My friend Liz E told me about it, so thanks to Liz, too.
This is Pepita's blog: , please visit her blog to see what the other artists have created.

I made a bracelet using Swarovski crystals in 8mm and 4mm, curved links and a magnetic clasp.

I also made a pair of earrings, they will be flying away when I wear them.
I grew-up in Brazil and there were so many butterflies, and since then I love anything butterflies, I have tons of butterfly jewelry.

I hope you get a chance to visit Pepita's Blog and see what the other participants have made.

And thank you to Pepita once more, this hop has brought wonderful childhood memories!!


  1. great pieces, especially the bracelet, congrats!

  2. Great bracelet!!!!! and I think you will fly away when you wear those earrings!

  3. I LOVE These!!! The bracelet is so soothing (like a butterfly in flight :-) ) and those curvy bars intimidate me but you know exactly how to use them. The earrings are spectacular with their movement and sweet little flowers!

    1. Hi Christine, the curvy bars are not hard to work with, I got the pattern from Fire Mountain.

  4. Hi Jasvanti,
    Your bracelet is so pretty and I love the swinging butterfly earrings so darling.

  5. both are beautiful! and what a lovely bead design on that bracelet with the metal in between the crystals!

  6. Oh so pretty Jasvanti! I envy you your memories of growing up surrounded by all those magical butterflies :)

  7. Love the bracelet and love the earrings, beautiful designs!

  8. Both are great designs. Agree that the earrings have to swing, and fly!

  9. Both of your pieces are beautiful. Well done!

  10. I can just see those beautiful earrings fluttering around your ears. I love that! So light and airy in their simplicity. Of course the bracelet is fabulous. Sparkle and shine. You do crystals so well!

  11. Hi Jasvanti,
    Thank you very much for having joined me in this blog hop!
    I like both of your pieces, the bracelet is beautiful and so are the earrings.

  12. Sweet♥ sweet♥ designs Jasvanti! Happy & sparkling!

  13. Both are very beautiful but I especially love the dangly butterfly earrings!