Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tassel Pendants

A few years ago I was at the GemFaire and I bought a necklace with some pretty nice size gemstones, it was a place were they sell liquidations items and is super cheap, so I bought my necklace for $2, I was so happy, and as usual I thinking of what am I going to turn those gems into?
The trend right now is tassels on pendants, and I have a nice selection of them that I purchase a few years ago. Do you see a pattern? I buy things, with no idea of how I am going to use them. Later ideas pop into my head. I am sure that the majority of beaders are hoarders like me.
Well anyway, I took the necklace apart and made a few long pendants for 2 of my daughters, and the pendants above are mine.
What do you think? Do you like them?
My daughters and I love them.


  1. Love the pendants. Tassels look really cool . Sure to turn many heads when you wear these !

  2. Hi Jasvanti,

    Two things I love -- good bargains and simple designs. You got em both. Yeay! Love it.

    Looks like there is a group on Facebook (Bead Peeps) that does a bead swap thing just like Bead Soup. Sign up Jan 15-17. I'm not much of a FB person, but if you are you might want to take a look.

    I noticed there is a group called Bead Peeps on Facebook. It's a bead soup type thing. Looks like it arose as a result of Bead Soup being cancelled last year. Today is the last day for sign-ups

  3. Jasavanti, Both of them are beautiful. You'll be wearing them a to I can see. I agree with Liz.. it's the simplicity that is most attractive in this design. Also, thank you Liz for the info about the Bead Peeps. I am going to join the Bead Soup as I did in the earlier years. I'd go check out the FB page.