Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Steering Wheel Bead Board

I made these bead boards using steering wheel covers.
They are about 15" round.
I saw a tutorial on Facebook last year. I can't find it anymore, otherwise I would give credit to whom thought about this smart idea.
I will show you how I did these bead boards:

Those are 2 pizza trays taped together and they are 12" in size and I got mine at Dollar Tree. I taped them with duck tape.
 Next I cut batting the same size as the pizza trays.
I placed them over the pizza trays, one on each side of the trays.
I bought a very soft fabric from Joann's, covered the pizza tray with the fabric and I used a running stitch on the outside of the trays, so I sandwiched the pizza trays, the batting and the fabric.
This is the steering wheel cover, I got this one at Walmart for about $7 next I inserted the whole thing inside the rim.
I did not trim the fabric, since it was a little loose in the rim. If it is to loose you can add bubble wrap inside the circle and then place your trays.
I used the light color fabric with the dark cover and the dark fabric with the light color cover.
I hope you like my color options.

If by chance you know whose tutorial this is, let me know and I will give credit to her.

If you buy these bead boards for this size you will be paying about $120.
These covers does not cost more $20 each.
It is a fun project!!!


  1. Fun project and very useful. They came out well! I tend to work on multiple projects at once. You could actually make a few and keep each project separate.

  2. Hi Liz, that's what I do, I always have several projects at the same time, and I just put one tray on top of the other, it works for me, and because the tray is quite large, I can have 2 projects on the same tray.

  3. This is fantastic! It doesn't look hard to do at all. Thanks for showing us ~ what a savings! I would definitely spend $20, but not 120.

  4. Great! I am going to make one of these! Thanks

  5. Thanks for the wonderful idea.very fun and useful. Love it. 😊

  6. Wow...sure wish I had seen this video before I spent $40.00 on one! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. This is great! I got a steering wheel cover that ended up being way too big. I didn't know there were different sized ones, so back to the stores I will go.

  8. where did you find the steering wheel cover small enough for the dollar tree pizza trays to fit in? I bought both and the cover I got is at least 2 inches too big for the pizza pans. Thanks for this post and any help you can offer, Jen

  9. I bought the cream one at Ansar Gallery and the grey one at Walmart, you have to put a thick layer of duck tape and if is still too loose then put some small bubble wrap inside the cover to make it snug. The fabric for the cream colored is very thick, so if fits better than the grey one, this one the fabric is thinner.
    I really love mine.
    I hope you can make it work.
    The trays I got it at dollar tree.

  10. I think this is Karen Avey´s tutorial from Bead Weaving with a Needle group on facebook

  11. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, just have 1 question does it matter what material you use to cover it for instance cotton, or is a softer fabric better?

    1. I think that it is better to use a velvet type fabric like the vellux blanket.

    2. Thank you for your advice jasvanti.

    3. Thank you jasvantui.