Friday, November 4, 2016

Earrings JLo

This is a tutorial from You Tube from MireMirarte channel.
I bought the black and gold Superduos and 3X4rondelles in gold and silver fro Hobby Lobby, they have them at 50% off sale this week.
I used gold Toho 11/0 seed beads and I don't know what color the Rivoli is, since I bought it sometime ago.
Now I will have to make a pendant and have a matching set.
You can watch the tutorial HERE.
Perfect timing for the holidays!!!


  1. Wow ~ your jewelry is always so royal and decadent ~ these are beautiful!

  2. É um brinco muito bonito. Adorei ver. Julgo que a cor do rivoli é aquamarine.
    Tudo de bom!
    Ana Cravidao