Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ande Bracelet

This bracelet is a pattern I found on the internet many years ago.
I just love this pattern , I have made a lot of bracelets using this pattern.
The original pattern calls for 4mm crystal beads, but I changed it to 4mm cube beads.
These beads are Chinese cubes that I bought at the GemFaire for $2 a strand. I also used gold 11/0 delicas and 15/0 seed beads in gold as well.
This pattern is by Andrea Bánhalmi.

And this is the pattern I followed, but I used 2 rows instead of 3.
This a flat herringbone stitch.


  1. Hi Jasvanti,

    I love the GemFaire and never miss it.

    That's a GREAT bracelet. The 4mm cube beads are perfect. The pattern looks like it has so many possibilities. Show pictures of the other bracelets that you still have from that pattern. I think that would be really interesting, to see all the variations.

    I've adjusted to my move down south, and can't remember what snow even looks like. I hope life is going well for you!!!



  2. Wow ~ This is a true beauty! What a great pattern and your color choices are what make it such a gorgeous bracelet!