Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pendant Pia

This was another earring tutorial, I like it better as a pendant, since some of the tutorial for earrings are quite large.
This a pattern by Francesca Piombino,  a beader from Italy. I love watching the jewelry videos it doesn't matter what language as long as I can see the pictures.
You can watch her tutorial on YouTube HERE
I used 14mm Rivoli, white Superduos, 11/0 gold Toho seed beads, Chinese Rondelles and a Crystal Drop.
Have fun watching the videos and making a beaded masterpiece.
Stay tuned, I made another pendant using Francesca's tutorial.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the link.

  2. Funny that the other person who commented was Therese, as I was going to mention her. Your jewelry and color choices look royal and rich and romantic and elegant...and I have always described Therese's jewelry with those same words. Gorgeous, Jasvanti, just gorgeous.