Friday, December 12, 2014

Falling on the Edge of October Design Challenge

Falling on the Edge of October Design Challenge

This blog hop is being hosted by the wonderful Rita from:

The hop was limited to  35 participants and Rita mailed the Sparkling Rocks to all of us.
Thank you Rita for hosting this blog hop .

I was waiting anxiously for my bead and of course I am so impatient that I asked a friend to purchase some additional beads from Maryse's Etsy store and the picture is right below.

Unfortunately I did not receive my "sparkling rock" and I thought that I should drop from this hop, but since I already purchased some beads, I so am improvising.
I made the earrings below using the "sparkling rocks and I used crystal spacers and freshwater pearls.

Since this hop is all about the fall and the orange tones, a season I absolutely love, I decided to use some orange beads to make 3 bracelets.

I used freshwater pearls, crystal spacers and the orange beads.

These are chinese crystals, glass beads and a pumpkin bead.

These stone beads were given to me by a friend, and again I used one more orange bead.

I hope you have a chance to visit Rita's blog and see what  all the other participants have created.

Rita's blog is:

Thank you again Rita for letting me participate in your blog hop.
I am looking forward to the next blog hop at the end of this month.


  1. Wow,All the bracelets are lovely . What I liked about each one is the combination of beads you have used to create different looks. The first one a classic look with those pearls , the second one , an oriental look ( lovely glass beads with that pretty pumpkin,and the third a rustic look with those stone beads :)

  2. I bought the same blue beads! I haven't made anything with mine yet. I love how you improvised, staying with the orange theme and creating lovely bracelet.

  3. Glad you didn't drop out, your pieces are just stunning. I love the sparkling rock earrings.

  4. You made quite a selection of beautiful orange bracelets! And lovely earrings with your sparkling rocks