Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time to Stitch Seven- Bead Embroidery

It is finally here!! I have been waiting for the ATTS7. I am so excited!!!
Its all about bead embroidery, my new passion!!
The gracious hostesses are Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller.
Therese's Blog is :
Christine's blog is :
Thank you both for this wonderful blog hop.
Please visit both blogs to see what all the other bead artists have created.

On the pendant above I used a cabochon, 8/0, 11/0 seed beads, cup chain and 3mm fire polished beads.

I got this cab as a gift, I also used cup chain, 11/0 seed beads 4mm glass pearls, bugle beads, drop beads and 3mm fire polished.

This one is a small pendant. The cab is glass, then cup chain, 3mm fire polished beads and 11/0 seed beads.

Those earrings I saw on Pinterest. I used rhinestones in a setting, 3mm glass pearls, 4mm glass pearls and 11/0 seed beads. These earrings turned out really nice.
This is were I got the pattern:

This next pendant, I glued the cab on the Lacy sift stuff, and it was sitting on my work table for a few months, finally I finished this piece, I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. But it came to me. I used a glass cab, cup chain, Chinese Crystals and 11/0 seed beads.

My favorite piece!!
I have been seeing those owls on Pinterest and on Youtube.
I used a resin cab, 8/0 seed beads, 3mm fire polished beads, cup chain 6/0 seed beads, 11/0 seed beads, the glass eyes and a drop for the nose.
This is a very large pendant, but I love it!!

I hope you like my pieces.
Thank you to Therese and Christine for hosting another wonderful ATTS.
Please visit their blogs to see the list of participants.


  1. WOw! I can see why embroidery is your passion - you do amazing embroidery work!! I love that owl, but I especially love the orange cab piece just above that. It's pretty spectacular. All of it is!

  2. Twit twooo what lovely designs! Cute owl!

  3. You were busy! These are all beautiful! The earrings caught my attention immediately ~ they are gorgeous! And that Owl!!! What a lot of work and what a lot of character he has! I love it love it love it!!!
    Thanks for signing up for this hop!

  4. Hi Jasvanti,
    Wow you have been a busy beader! I love all of your pieces they are all beautiful! My favorite is the owl. My brother has asked me to do an owl for his step daughter, her sorority mascot is an owl, but I have just not got up the courage to do it yet. Seeing yours gives me a push to do mine. Thank you for participating in ATTS 7 I hope you will join us for ATTS 8.

  5. wow, I just kept scrolling down to see one more beautifully beaded cab after another! ending with that amazing owl - how stunning is that?! love it!

  6. Jasvanti, your work is always so beautiful, and these pieces are no different! I really like the way you used the cup chain to add a touch of elegance and sparkle, and your color choices are always perfect. And that owl is adorable! Thanks for bringing your creations to this challenge!

  7. What an impressive collection! You designed great pendants, all different, all so creative, and I must admit, I love the last one, I'm really partial to owls and yours is fantastic.

  8. Wow you have been busy, your pendants are all gorgeous, I especially love the turquoise top one, so stunning!

  9. Wow, you really took on this challenge! They're all fun, but I do love your owl.

  10. You truly went all out with this Challenge! So many drool-worthy pieces, but I think my favorite is the one with the oval turquoise bead. I've not worked with cup chain before, but your work shows just how interesting it can be in bead embroidery.

  11. You made so many wonderful pieces. I have been seeing a lot of the cup chain in bead embroidery but haven't tried it myself yet. It looks wonderful incorporated into your designs. And I agree - that sweet owl is pretty special.

  12. Hi Jasvanti,
    Six pieces, that must be some kind of record. And they are all stunning! As I scrolled down I kept thinking over and over "this one is my favorite". The owl of course is amazing. Such a cute guy. He looks wise, friendly and super sparkly all at the same time. I also really like the cab that was sitting on your worktable, it looks like a blazing sun. The earrings are gorgeous with such elegance.
    Well done!!!

  13. Some one was busy! Stunning pieces. And I too love the owl! Great work and color coordination with the cabochons....Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Love your fun!! You have been very busy creating some bead embroidery!! I like the cup chain too....I need to get me some!!!

  15. Hi Jasvanti, All of your pieces are very beautiful. You did a great job. The first and second cab are my favorite colors so I like them a lot. Using cupchain for bezeling is a wonderful idea. Your owl is adorable.

  16. Wow what alot of beautiful pieces you created! I particularly love the turquoise one!

  17. I love all of your pieces, but the turquoise one is my favorite as well. Love the cupchain idea, I wondered what I was going to do with the ones I have :-) Thank you as well, for the link for the Russian earrings. I have added those to my to-do list on Pinterest.

  18. Hi Jasvanti

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